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Tatiana Pooley never liked to exercise.

“I was never a workout person,” Pooley, a graphic design student from Sterling Heights, said. “And then a friend introduced me to RYB, and my whole body and attitude changed.”

Pooley, 30, started going to classes at Rock Your Body Pilates in February 2014. During that time, she has lost 38 pounds.

“This is a quicker total-body workout than anything I have done before,” Pooley said, who takes classes at RYB two or three times a week. “I love RYB. I’ve seen the results and know it works.”

In December 2014, Pooley said she and her husband decided to make a lifestyle change when they noticed they were gaining weight.

“I had always been pretty lucky,” she said of her ability to avoid putting on pounds. “And then I started to get older, and I started to gain weight. I knew I wanted to do something about it.”

Pooley said she had tried Zumba classes before, as well as the gym, and didn’t like them.

“I couldn’t stay motivated at the gym,” she said. “When my friend introduced me to RYB, I thought it could be worth a try, because I work better with an instructor.”

But Pooley also admitted RYB and the exclusive Megaformer wasn’t without a learning curve.

“My first class, I thought I was going to die,” she laughed. “Ashley (Bazzetta) was the instructor, and it was very intimidating. It definitely kicks your butt. But I thought, ‘I can do this,’ and I kept coming back, even when my friends stopped.”

She also said a great motivator of the group-class setting at RYB is seeing some of the more advanced students, and wanting to keep up with them.

“Now I can do all the advanced moves,” she said, “and it feels pretty great.”

She also added the studio’s ‘welcoming atmosphere,’ along with instructors Ashley, Veronica and James, have helped her stay on track.

“I can be having a crap day, and then come to RYB, and I feel great,” she said.

Like most people, Pooley has a busy schedule. She said making her workouts a priority — and seeing her results — has helped her stay motivated.

“The results I’ve seen has helped me want to keep going,” she said. “I never want to go back to where I was before. I have muscles in places I’ve never had before!”

And Pooley has a piece of advice for anyone thinking of trying RYB: “Do it.”

“It is going to be hard at first, and you might be a little intimidated, but it is worth the effort,” she said. “I’ve seen the results and know it works. Just go for it. I’m very glad I did.”