Megaformer Class

The Megaformer Pilates workout, “the next evolution in physical fitness”, was designed and created by celebrity fitness guru, Sebastien Lagree of Lagree Fitness. This exciting full body workout is based on traditional Pilates movements with numerous variations that allow the class to be innovative and unique each and every time.

The Megaformer Pilates workout utilizes the full body in 50 minutes that includes strength training, flexibility, core, and cardio. The Megaformer Pilates is a great workout to achieve that “Pilates Body” with the long lean physique and defined sculpted muscles that everyone envies. The workout is designed to be safe for everyone while minimizing damage to joints and muscles.

This is a full body workout that is designed to work multiple muscles, while achieving muscle definition faster than traditional Pilates or weight training. Depending upon the individual, calories burned during the 50 minute workout can be 500 -700 calories.

In the Megaformer Pilates class, you can expect to be challenged and encouraged in a non intimidating environment. The classes are created to be taught in a group format that pushes the client to new levels and, therefore, achieve greater goals. Each workout is choreographed to upbeat heart pumping music that is sometimes referred to as “taking the work out of a workout” because it is so welcoming, enjoyable, and fun. This high intensity workout gives you results you not only see, but feel!

Class Highlights


New and innovative way to do Pilates.


Focuses on strength training, flexilibity, core and cardio exercises.


Non-intimidating yet challenging group classes.


50 minute workout.


500-700 calories burned!