What Is The
Megaformer M3?

The Megaformer M3 is the machine that is used in all of our Pilates workouts. Its patented design enables our students to take advantage of a wide variety of exercises that build strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and mental toughness. Judging solely on the design of the machine, you can begin to see why a Megaformer workout is not your average Pilates class.

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A Complete Pilates Workout

By combining RYB’s expertise in fitness and the challenging nature of the Megaformer M3 Pilates machine, any Rock Your Body Pilates class is guaranteed to be one of the best workouts you’ve ever experienced. Here are some of the results you can expect from a consistent Megaformer Pilates program:



There’s no “down time” during a Megaformer class. Each of the 50 minutes in every session is jam-packed with heart-pumping moves, sure to get your heart rate high to achieve maximum calories burned.



As you continue to work out on the Megaformer M3, you will strengthen, tighten and tone your muscles to achieve that long, lean, in-demand physique.



The Megaformer M3 workout is designed to maximize your core muscles in each class. A fatigued core – not to mention other major muscle groups -- at the end of each class is proof those 50 minutes on the Megaformer will help transform your physique.



The Megaformer M3 workout consistently works to improve your overall flexibility by lengthening your muscles, a key component to overall fitness.


Mental Health

A healthy body is meaningless without a healthy mind. By conquering classes at our studio, you can experience greater confidence, a clearer mind, and more energy.

A Typical
Megaformer Class

The fun and intense yet challenging nature of the Megaformer Pilates can only be described through personally experiencing a class. Check out the video to get a glimpse of some Megaformer Pilates classes from around the world, or book a class today!: