So you might have realized by now that Rock Your Body Pilates isn’t a traditional Pilates studio. In fact, we like to think we are much more.

A lot of our clients have had experience in “normal” Pilates classes, and were happy to discover our Megaformers, and Lagree Fitness, don’t follow that model.

So here’s the top 10 ways to know you’re in a Megaformer class — exclusively found at Rock Your Body Pilates in Michigan — and not a traditional Pilates class:

1.) The machine looks a lot different. Traditional Pilates classes — held either in gyms or boutique fitness studios — often have students use the reformer machine to perform its exercises. The machine’s pulleys and levers help students isolate muscles and tone trouble spots. We do that too — only our Megaformer is almost twice the size and offers double the amount of resistance options, leading to a more personal, customizable workout. Founder Sebastien Lagree describes the Megaformer as “Pilates on steroids.”

2.) Everyone is wearing cute, colorful gripper socks. On the Megaformer, wearing socks with grippers is a requirement. On a regular reformer, it is an option. On the Megaformer, we usually are going fast — more on that later — and the required gripper socks aid in balance and coordination.

3.) You notice a good mix of seasoned pros and newbies in your class. Joining any new fitness class can be intimidating — and when you get a load of the Megaformer, that intimidation factor could be through the roof. But at RYB, we have new clients in our classes almost daily, so you aren’t alone. And don’t be discouraged if it takes you a couple classes before you feel comfortable with the machine and its exercises. Trust us, you will. Those people who look like they have it all together over there? Once upon a time, they had their first class, too.

4.) There’s music. And it’s pretty loud. During a traditional Pilates class, classes are held either in silence, or with New Age-y, instrumental music playing softly in the background. That’s not the way we do it at RYB. Our music is designed to get your heart pumping, your muscles burning and your butt moving.

5.) A couple exercises in, you notice you’re sweaty. Whenever we have done traditional Pilates classes, there isn’t much of a sweat factor. There might be some sore muscles, but not a lot of sweat. Because the Megaformer is a cardio workout — in addition to a toning workout — you will sweat. A lot.

6.) You notice you’re actually — gasp! — having fun in an exercise class. So we aren’t going to lie, the Megaformer is hard. It pretty much kicks your butt. But it’s also fun. The music is upbeat and the instructors keep the atmosphere lively. That’s not something all fitness classes can say, and we wear it proudly.

7.) There is no downtime. The goal of a Megaformer instructor is a zero-second transition time between exercises. You read that right — ZERO seconds, as in no time at all. And while that can be intimidating, that is what leads to burning up to 800 calories in a single session. When there is no recovery period, calories never stop burning, because you’re constantly moving.

8.) You’re fatigued — and probably wondering if class is over yet. So we said it’s fun, but let’s have some real talk — when you’re burning 800 calories, you’re also TIRED. So by the time the 50 minutes of class is almost up, your muscles are burning, and probably shaking. But that’s what we want at RYB. No boredom and lots of muscle shaking. That equals results.

9.) Class is over and you’re exhausted, but exhilarated. So you’ve finished your first RYB class, and it was nothing like a regular Pilates class. The machine was different, the music was fun and you are dripping with sweat. But you loved it. You have that just-worked-out feeling, and it is good.

10.) The next day, you feel it. And you want more. We don’t recommend coming to RYB daily. It is a very intense workout, and our clients definitely feel it the next day. But when you workout, isn’t that what you want? To know you are training your muscles to get results? So this is the final way you know you are in a RYB class: Even though you think might be too sore to walk to the computer, you find the energy and log on to to schedule your next class. Because you know the fatigue means it’s working, and your muscles want more.

And now, so do you.