A morning class works it out on the Megaformer.+

To group or not to group, that is the question.

One of the most-asked questions we get at Rock Your Body Pilates is why our classes are geared toward a group setting, while traditional Pilates classes are usually recommended in a private session with just the client and the instructor.

Not everyone thrives in group classes. Sometimes people even avoid them. The term “group class” can sometimes give visions of outdated, corny step aerobics-style classes, as students are made to suffer through a

cheesy instructor while feeling out of place.

But that is not how we do it at RYB.

Sebastien Lagree, founder of Lagree Fitness and the Megaformer, has said he designed this work out to be done in a group setting.

Let’s check out some of the reasons why we think RYB classes are best done with your BFFs:

  • Strength in numbers equals accountability. You know that part of your workout they call your “plateau?” That part where it would be just as easy to turn around and go home as it would to keep pushing forward? And if you’re training by yourself on an elliptical at an impersonal gym, no one is the wiser if you call it a day and head home to your sweatpants and your Netflix. But when you have your best friends there, you may just be a little less likely to call it a day. Hey, if they’re doing it, you might as well keep it up, too, right?
  • You’re all in this together.  We’re going to be honest: Megaformer classes at RYB are challenging. You will leave our classes with your muscles fatigued and absolutely exhausted — in the best possible way, of course, but it needs to be known these classes are no joke. So wouldn’t it be comforting to look at the person next to you, see their muscles shaking and their forehead coated in sweat, and know they get it, too? When you want to describe the “great shake” of an RYB class to someone, it helps if someone already understands. It’s a camaraderie you don’t get in a private session.June 2015 7
  • Our instructors are your motivators — and sometimes even your drill sergeants.  Our classes are capped at 10 people — we like to think it’s not too big, not too small. The perfect size to still get personal attention from your instructor, but big enough where participants might not feel so on “display.” Our instructors — founder Ashley Bazzetta, as well as teachers Veronica Prieur and Jimmy Moss — take care to make sure each participant feels comfortable with the moves, while still incorporating the high-energy moves a Megaformer workout is known for. They feed off the energy of the class, and it shows in the workouts.
  • Music is a key part of the workout.  We take a lot of care formulating and curating each of our class’ playlists to fit the class atmosphere. The music is fun and high-energy, which helps everyone get — and stay — motivated. Music is such a key part to the RYB experience, that is why we are going to make our playlists shareable in the near future. So let’s be honest: It’s way less awkward to jam out to Britney or Beyonce in a group class than in a one-on-one private class.
  • There is no time for “chit-chat.”  We want you to get the best workout you can for your money. That is why we are so passionate about the Megaformer — you can burn up to 800 calories in a single 50-minute session. When we took part in private session in the past — whether they were for personal training, yoga or Pilates — the one-on-one atmosphere allowed for a lot of downtime, and our workouts suffered. Don’t get us wrong, we love to talk as much as anyone, but not at the expense of your workout. There simply isn’t any opportunities in a group class for downtime — especially not in a Megaformer group class, with the fast-paced intervals and little to no recovery time between exercises.

But as with anything, there are exceptions to the rule. If you have a pre-existing, serious medical condition, or if you are recovering from an injury or major surgery, we recommend you consult with your doctor first. And then we might recommend a private session first, just so we can evaluate you. But if you are simply trying to start a new exercise program, whether you consider yourself “in shape” or not, you shouldn’t have any trouble starting a Megaformer class with no experience.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon!