We at Rock Your Body Pilates consider ourselves a pretty elite fitness studio. In fact, we think our Megaformer, found exclusively in Michigan at RYB, is more than a workout — it’s a total fitness experience.

And that is one of the many reasons why we believe fitness studios — places that house specialty workouts like our Megaformer, or more traditional yoga and pilates studios — are a better option than a gym. Check out the top 10 reasons why we think fitness studios are better than gyms:

1.) Fitness studios offer a more personalized workout. Whatever you’re into, whether it’s extreme tire-lifting like at Crossfit, or a low-impact yoga workout, fitness studios offer many personalized options.

2.) The “personal experience” extends to your instructor. At most gyms, a session with a personal trainer can cost you extra. At a fitness studio like RYB, the class size is capped at 10 people, with each instructor offering personal attention to each student. In addition, private sessions, duets and other smaller-size classes are available.

3.) What you pay is what you get. At most gyms, things such as personal trainers and boutique classes like yoga, pilates and dance aerobics cost extra — on top of a monthly fee and an enrollment fee. At RYB, you pay for what we offer — Megaformer sessions. Our only required added expense is gripper socks for increased safety, so clients don’t slip off the machine.

4.) At RYB and other fitness studios, you pay for your visits when you need them. No more signing up for a gym membership, and then feeling guilty when you don’t use it. AT RYB, we don’t charge a monthly fee. You pay for when you attend. You can pay either single visits, or if you know you will use them, the more economical option is to purchase our larger packages. And since our visits don’t expire until six months from purchase, there is less worry. Also at RYB, we run monthly specials, so you know you are getting the best bang for your buck.

5.) Just walk in, and you’re ready to go. At fitness studios like RYB, you can simply park your car right out front, walk in, and get your workout on. No wasting time on locker rooms and searching for available machines. Our 50-minute workout is the best, most effective, use of your time.

6.) No waiting in line for machines. When you reserve your spot at rybpilates.com, you are guaranteeing yourself a 50-minute, total body workout on our Megaformer. One of our biggest pet peeves when we would workout at a gym was people just standing around and talking at a machine, making the machine unusable. Our Megaformer can target any and every muscle — with no waiting.

7.) Accountability. When you attend a class at a fitness studio like RYB, it is usually in a group setting. Many times, the students will become each other’s greatest motivators. There was a lot of times we would get to the gym, and it would be too crowded, too cold, too whatever, and we would throw in the towel early. Since no one was there to keep us motivated and to hang in there, giving up was an easy option.

8.) Cute clothes. Most gyms sell basic T-shirts, and maybe some hooded sweatshirts, with the gym logo on it. At RYB, we offer high-quality, high-fashion fitness apparel that could fit right in at athletic clothing boutiques. As we stated earlier, it’s a total fitness experience at RYB.

9.) No contract=no headache. Gyms require members to sign a contract for a period of time. Breaking that contract — whether within or without the term limits — can mean a lot of hassle, and a lot of forms to fill out. RYB and other studios don’t make our clients sign a contract.

10.) Real results. Because of the personal attention we give our clients, coupled with the total body workout that is the Megaformer, our students see results. One session on the Megaformer can burn up to 800 calories, largely in part to our zero-second transition time in between exercises. A gym can’t boast that.

We can’t wait to see you at RYB, where fun combined with hard work, equals real results.