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We recently had the pleasure of hosting the Chippewa Valley High School varsity football team in a class at RYB.

Upon stepping onto our machine, the CV guys found their expectations of the Megaformer shattered when their conditioned cores, arms and legs were challenged in a way they hadn’t experienced before.

Pilates has a reputation of being a “woman’s” exercise — that it isn’t challenging, moves slow and, quite frankly, is boring. But while we believe there is no such thing as a “male” or “female” exercise, there is one important thing to know — the Megaformer at RYB has been called “pilates on crack.”

In addition to the training session with the football team, we have several devoted male clients at the studio. While females definitely outnumber the males in our classes, the men who have come to our classes are loyal followers. After their first session, many are surprised at the challenge — and the results — the RYB workouts bring.

And really, it should come as no surprise. Because a cardio element is added to the class — that isn’t found in traditional pilates — our clients can burn up to 800 calories in ONE SESSION. And each slow, controlled movement leads to the muscle shake that tells you it’s working — and that leads to quick results.

The Megaformer is exclusively at RYB in Michigan, but is also found in large cities throughout the country, and is a favorite of pro athletes and celebrities for several years. A-Rod and world-famous DJ and hitmaker Calvin Harris are devotees of the Megaformer. Oh, and remember that movie “Tropic Thunder” from a few years ago? Remember how ripped Ben Stiller was in it? That was all courtesy of the Megaformer.

And of course, Jimmy Moss, one of our instructors, is living proof of the great results of the workout for guys!

The Megaformer was invented by Sebastien Lagree, a former professional bodybuilder who wanted something more out of a traditional pilates workout. He wanted his clients to leave fatigued and sore, because that is when the results come.

We agree at RYB. We want every one of our clients — male or female — to leave RYB exhausted. What is the point of dragging yourself to a workout if you don’t see results?

So come on guys. Next time your wife or girlfriend says, “I’m going to RYB,” why don’t you join her? We guarantee it will be a workout your muscles won’t soon forget.

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